The best part of being a parent is capturing those special moments. Capturing their sweet little faces in all their expressions and stages of development can be done in many ways, but why not make it extra special on Valentine’s Day? There are so many creative ideas for taking pictures of your kids to celebrate the day of love. Whether you’re a first-time parent or have older kids, here are some ideas for taking memorable baby photos this Valentine’s Day.

Hearts and Cupids 

What says “Valentine’s Day” more than hearts and cupids? Create a festive backdrop for your baby by hanging up tissue paper hearts, streamers, balloons, or cupid cutouts. Then dress up your little one with a onesie adorned with that theme or in red and pink colors. For a final touch try adding some glittery shoes or headband. You can also use props such as plush toys, bows and arrows, and other festive items to make the photo even more special.

Kissing Booth

This idea is super fun and easy to pull off! First, you will need some decorations. Use bright colors like pink and red to give your set up a festive feel. Hang streamers or balloons around the area where you want to take the photos. You can also use props such as large paper hearts or candy hearts with messages written on them for an extra special touch (such as 25c Kisses). Now for the star of the show—the baby! Dress your little one up in their cutest Valentine’s Day outfit and have them sit in the middle of your makeshift kissing booth. You can even add props like teddy bears or stuffed animals for an added layer of sweetness. When taking the photo, make sure that you focus on capturing your baby’s face—their cute expressions will speak volumes about what love looks like! This works great for older kids, and siblings. If you really want to go the extra mile, we’ve seen parents create a booth out of painted crates and wood boxes, there are some amazing examples on Pinterest. 

Heart-Themed Photoshoot

What better way to capture your baby’s innocence than to wrap them up in a big red heart? You can use a red blanket, fabric, or pillow to create the perfect backdrop for a Valentine’s Day photo. Have your little one lie down and prop them up with pillows to get the perfect angle for their photoshoot. If you want to take things up a notch, you can add heart-shaped props such as balloons or stuffed animals. This type of photoshoot is sure to get some “aww”s from everyone who sees it!

Finger Painting Fun 

Letting your little one finger paint can be both fun and messy but it will definitely be worth it when you see the final product. Finger painting allows babies and toddlers express themselves through art while also capturing some amazing photographs. For this photoshoot, pick out a few colors that are appropriate for Valentine's Day (such as pink, purple, and red) and let your little one have fun creating their masterpieces on paper or canvas. Once they’re done, capture the moment by taking pictures of them surrounded by their artwork! 

Baby Bouquet

If you really want to go all out for Valentine’s Day, why not create a bouquet made out of your baby? Pick out some cute baby outfits that are appropriate for the holiday such as onesies with hearts or cupid arrows on them. Then arrange them into a bouquet shape using pillows or blankets as props to hold them up. You can even give them toy bows or arrows if you want to go the extra mile! Not only will this look super cute, but it will also make an adorable keepsake that you can look back on years down the road!  


Valentine's Day is an amazing opportunity to show off just how much love there is in your family by capturing moments with your precious little one(s). Whether you decide to do an elaborate photoshoot with props or something more simple like finger painting together, there are plenty of creative ideas that will help you celebrate Valentine’s Day with style! No matter what idea you choose, don't forget to snap lots of photos so that you can always remember this special day spent celebrating love with your family!

Because we love to see the creativity on certain Holidays, we’re running a V-Day photo contest this month. Take a sweet Valentine themed pic of your child, upload to IG, copy us, tag your friends, and stay tuned. Check out our Instagram for full instructions and dates. We can’t wait to see the cuteness!