Taking your baby on car rides (especially long ones) can be a stressful experience, especially when your little one gets fussy or cranky. But don’t worry – there are several tips and tricks you can use to soothe your fussy baby during car rides and make them more enjoyable for everyone involved! Here’s how to do it.

  1. Make sure the temperature is comfortable. A too-hot or too-cold car can be extremely uncomfortable for babies, and it may be hard for them to tell you what’s wrong, so check the air conditioning/heating before you hit the road. If possible, dress your child in layers they can remove/add as needed!   
  1. Play soothing music/white noise. Babies find white noise incredibly soothing – especially if they have been exposed to it while in the womb and in your home post birth, so consider playing some calming music or white noise in the background during car trips. This will help create a more peaceful atmosphere which should help keep your baby calm and happy throughout the ride.
  1. Try not to talk over their cries. It is natural to want to comfort your baby when they are crying, but sometimes talking over their cries can actually make things worse! Instead, try speaking softly and calmly – this will help reassure them that everything is ok without overwhelming them with words or sounds that may add to their distress.
  1. Offer snacks/drinks if appropriate for age level. If your baby is old enough for solid foods, offering snacks or drinks during car rides can provide a distraction from any discomfort or boredom they may feel while sitting in their seat for an extended period. Just remember not to offer anything too sugary as this could lead to an even bigger mess later on! Plus, it’s always best to limit sugary snacks anyway!
  1. Bring a little toy or plushy to keep their hands busy, make sure it’s not too small so they avoid putting it in their mouths and chocking.
  1. Entertainment can go a long way, if they’re a little older (toddler) having a toy that plays children melodies or even a little iPad mounted to the back seat can help keep them distracted for long periods of time.
  1. Window shades to block the sun go a long way, sometimes making the environment dimmer and quiet can also help make them sleepy too.


Maybe you’re one of the lucky parents that car rides instantly calm your baby and puts them to sleep. But if not, we know that car trips with a young child can be daunting – especially long ones. But with a few simple tips and tricks you can make them much less stressful! Try out these tips next time you go on a car trip with your little one – we hope they help make your journey smoother and more enjoyable! Good luck!