It has become common practice to gather with friends and family to introduce your baby’s gender. Both family and friends enjoy taking a guess from old wives’ tales, superstitions, and family traits in hopes of knowing if your baby is a boy or a girl.


Though there are many exciting ways to surprise both parents and their support system- below is a list of unique ways to reveal your baby’s gender:

1. Throw a taco party. Keep the room décor neutral and festive. Once everyone has enjoyed their meal and written down their gender guess – have guest break open a pinata filled with color appropriate candies!

2. Lean a large sheet of plywood across the fence allowing enough space for paint to splash around. Fill a large, non-see-through balloon with either pink or blue paint. Have the expecting parents throw a dart at the balloon to pop and reveal the gender. Note: placing a large posterboard or canvas behind the balloon then becomes a great piece of art for the parents to keep!

3. Helium balloons floating out of a giant box is a fun way to immediately see the reveal. Be sure to tie a weight to the balloons to contain them to the bottom of the box. Balloon debris is hazardous to birds and fish, therefore keeping them weighted will ensure proper disposal.

4. What is more classic than cutting into a cake to see your baby’s gender? A new take on this tradition is using cake pops for every guest to enjoy.

5. Have each parent hold a pink or blue box. Both parents dump the box at the same time, however, the correct gender of the baby is the only box filled with color coordinated items that spill out as the new parents confirm if their new baby is a boy or a girl.

Rather the parents want to be surprised or they simply want to surprise their guest, there are many ways to tell the story of their baby’s gender. The key is to keep the party fun while guests express their thoughts as to what gender is correct. Feel free to tally each person’s guess in a keepsake journal for the expecting parents to enjoy.