As a new mom or can’t wait new parent, having a stroller for your baby is essential. A good stroller can help make your life easier while ensuring that your little one is safe and comfortable. But with so many options out there, how do you choose the right stroller for your baby? In this post, we'll go over some tips on how to choose a safe and comfortable stroller for your little one, as well as how to use it safely. 


  1. Consider your lifestyle and budget

Before you even start looking at strollers, take some time to consider your lifestyle and budget. Think about where you plan to use the stroller, how often you'll be using it, and what activities you'll be doing with it. If you live in a city and will be frequently navigating crowded sidewalks, you may want a compact stroller that's easy to maneuver. If you plan to take your baby on adventures through nature or countryside, consider a sturdier stroller with rugged wheels. Are you a runner and plan on working out while getting vitamin D with your baby? If so, look into a jogging stroller. Also, think about your budget as strollers can vary widely in price. Determine what you can afford before you start shopping to avoid falling in love with something out of your budget.


  1. Check the safety features

When it comes to baby gear, safety always comes first, without fail. Look for strollers with well-functioning brakes, wide wheels, and good suspension. Do a thorough inspection on the stroller for stability too. Try to shake and see if it feels unbalanced or wobbly. Also, check for the durability of harness belts, your baby's safety is paramount. Make sure the stroller you choose has a good weight capacity, ideally, above 9kgs to allow for growth as well. Lastly, there are various resources where you can stay up to date on any recalls, it’s good to see what has been recently recalled prior to finalizing that purchase.


  1. Understand the different types of strollers

Strollers come in different types with tons of different features, which can make the selection process even more complicated. You’ll find travel strollers collapsible, jogging strollers with a three-wheel design for active parents, and so much more. Understanding the types of strollers can help you choose the one that suits your lifestyle and personal preferences. If you think traveling frequently is in your future, you may want to choose a compact stroller that can easily be taken on a plane. 


  1. Try Before You Buy

Strollers can feel very different in practice than they do when you see them online. Also, you may even feel differently once you get them in motion with your baby in them. Try the stroller you're interested in purchasing in stores. We also recommend “test driving” them outside of the store, where you can test out how it handles on uneven sidewalks, hills, and in tight spaces. This will give you a feel for the stroller and help you know if you'll be comfortable using it. You definitely want to get your hands on a few strollers prior to committing, just seeing images online is not enough for something you’ll be using for a long time that needs to work for you and most importantly support your baby and keep them comfortable.


  1. Maintenance for Your Stroller

Your baby will use their stroller almost every day, and it is naturally going to wear and tear over time. Ensure it remains in good condition by doing regular maintenance. Refer to your user manual for instructions on cleaning, repairs, and components that need replacing with time. If you have trouble putting it together or doing maintenance, consult experts or watch instructional videos.



Choosing the right stroller can be a daunting task, but don’t let it overwhelm you. Do some research to ensure you have all the information you need. Keep in mind your lifestyle and budget, and don't forget to prioritize safety. Understanding the different types of strollers and trying the stroller out before you buy will be a great help. And remember, a safe and usable stroller helps to ensure your baby is comfortable and protected on all your adventures together.