Playgrounds are an excellent place for kids to spend their time and have fun. Meanwhile, parents get time to relax or exercise. However, we need to ensure that our children are safe while playing there. As parents, it is our duty to provide a secure and comfortable environment for our kids. In this blog post, we will discuss some safety tips that could help you with surviving the playground.


  1. Choose the Appropriate Playground: 

Before you let your kids step into the playground, you must carefully examine the equipment and surroundings. Check that the equipment is appropriate for your child's age and available in good condition. The equipment should have no signs of cracks, rust, or loose parts. Make sure the surface area under the equipment is safe for children to play on, and there are no sharp objects or litter.


  1. Teach Playground Rules: 

Your child must understand safe guidelines and playground rules. Teach your child to avoid rough play, throwing sand, avoid pushing others (especially from elevated platforms), and wait in line until the equipment is free to use. This is a tough one, especially when they’re very little, but teaching them the importance of not picking up random items and placing them in their mouth is huge. Emphasize the importance of staying within the designated playground area and refrain from climbing on the fence or random objects.


  1. Supervision Matters: 

Most of the time, playground accidents occur when there is no supervision around. While your children are at the park, make sure an adult is present, and they do not wander off too far. Watch them carefully, especially when they are on swings, slides, monkey bars, or other high-elevated equipment. Additionally, you should avoid using your phone or getting distracted while watching over your child.


  1. Dress Suitably:

Dressing properly while going to the playground is essential. Ensure your child wears sturdy and comfortable shoes with slip-resistant soles to avoid slipping or falling. It is also better to put sunscreens, hats, or sunglasses when the sun is shining and putting on heavier clothing when it is chilly outside.


  1. Bring First Aid Supplies:

Accidents happen, and playgrounds are no exception. You should be prepared for cuts, bruises, and scrapes by bringing first aid supplies with you. Band-aids, antiseptic wipes, painkillers, and disinfectant sprays are excellent supplies to carry in case of emergency.


  1. Befriending Strangers:

Obviously, we should encourage our kids to make friends and play with others, but when there’s an adult that’s overly inquisitive with your children, you should direct them to let you know right away. We don’t want to go through life paranoid and in fear, but the world has gotten pretty crazy, and sometimes even the most unsuspecting people can turn out to be a predator – so it’s good for kids to have self-awareness.


Playgrounds are a great way for your children to be physically active and socialize with other kids. But we must ensure that our children's safety is never compromised. Following the above safety tips will help in creating a secure, happy, and healthy playground experience for you and your children. As with every activity, good preparation decreases the chances of accidents and increases the likelihood of a fun experience. So, let's play safe- let's survive the playground!