We are beyond thrilled (and humbled) to announce the Tiny Traveler Baby Car Monitoring System is a 2022 Best Tech - NAPPA Awards Winner! 

NAPPA (National Parent Product Awards) was founded 32 years ago by LA Parent Magazine to celebrate the very best in family products.

Here are some of the evaluator’s comments about the product:

“This is a high-quality product that is easy to figure out how to use. It has a ton of features that you would never expect to need from a car monitor, but it provides a much easier way to monitor your kids while on the road.”

“We make frequent 4-hour car trips to visit family out of state, and nothing is worse than one of the mirrors shifts or falls down and we can’t see what they are doing (we especially like to keep an eye on naps so we know how much rest they are getting, and how cranky they may or may not be as a result!)”

“I really like the night vision feature, because it allows us to see when they kids fall asleep (instead of relying on looking in the mirrors in the dark or craning my neck to see what’s going on). I also like that it’s versatile and can be used beyond the car – so if you don’t use it for day to day on the road, it can have uses inside the home too.”

“Now that we’ve done a long car trip with one, it’s the type of thing I’d say I didn’t know I needed it until I had one!”

“The recording feature is so fun! I like that you can capture some of their funny faces or what they are up to in the back seat. Also, it’s a nice feature that you can see two cameras on the monitor as we have 2 kids that we need to keep an eye on.”


We are a little biased, but we couldn’t agree more. Everyone who tries this product is just amazed. Designed with care by parents for parents. Your baby’s safety is our top priority!