Tiny Traveler On-the-Go Duo Wireless

  • Peace of mind while driving and traveling with your little one
  • Two compact HD cameras and Battery Cradle with a 5” Touchscreen monitor
  • Travel case with custom padding for secure and convenient transport
  • Automatic night vision and sound, up to 33ft. of range
  • Record or automatically take pictures of special moments

Tiny Traveler On-the-Go Duo Wireless

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Your Second Favorite Bundle of Joy

Portable Battery Cradle

Portable Battery Cradle

Wireless Convenience

The Portable Battery Cradle attaches to any Tiny Traveler cam to provide up to 8 hours of power and becomes completely wireless and truly flexible to be taken anywhere.

5'' Touchscreen HD Monitor

5'' Touchscreen HD Monitor

Never Miss A Moment

Record or automatically take a picture of special moments with instant video recording. See your little loved ones in HD and even in dim lighting or darkness with automatic night vision.

Multiple Mounting Options

Multiple Mounting Options

Versatility Anywhere

The Tiny Traveler system comes with two separate mounts that are adaptable to many situations, allowing for not only in-car use but also while at home or traveling.

Monitor Anywhere

With the versatility to go completely wireless, you’ll enjoy the benefit to monitor in your car, at home, or on the go.

In the car

At home

Features You'll Love

With no cords or cables to worry about, you can enjoy the convenience of wireless technology in your home or on the go.

8 hours of

8 hours of

Rechargeable battery













You Might be Wondering

The Tiny Traveler baby cam is designed to replace the in-car baby mirror. With it, you’ll be able to see your little one(s) without having to turn around. The camera is mounted onto a headrest, allowing it to face the baby. The visual signal is then transmitted wirelessly to the monitor that’s placed on your dashboard.
The monitor can either run on battery (up to 4 hours) or be plugged into your 12/24V outlet (cigarette lighter port). The camera can either draw power from the 12/24V port or be attached to the battery cradle included. The battery cradle can power the camera for up to 8 hours per full charge.
The monitor comes with a strong suction cup that’ll keep it attached to your windshield. Additionally, we recommend using your dashboard as support to further prevent the monitor from moving around.
No, it does not matter as the camera mounts are flexible enough to be mounted almost anywhere. It comes with a mounting strap and a versatile mounting clamp, allowing many creative options.
You most definitely can! Use them wirelessly or with the USB power cables included. If you want to power them indoors, you can simply utilize the power cables and a wall plug adapter (sold separately) and you’d be good to go!
Up to ~33 ft. However, please note that actual range can be negatively affected by physical objects as well as other wireless signals.
Yes, as long as you have the right adapter, you can use the battery cradle to charge any of your devices if needed, including the Tiny Traveler monitor.
Depending on the power source, it can take up to 1.5 hours to fully charge the battery cradle. Once fully charged, you’ll see all four LED battery indicators on the battery cradle light up in BLUE. Less BLUE indicator = less battery left.
The Tiny Traveler can have up to two baby cams connected at the same time. Add-on cameras are sold as an accessory, available on mytinytraveler.com and Amazon. Once you’ve connected the camera to power, press and hold the pair button on the camera until it flashes BLUE. Go into the settings menu of the monitor and select “Pair Camera” to add the additional camera onto the monitor.
Yes, you absolutely can! The Tiny Traveler battery cradle features pass-through charging, allowing you to charge AND use it simultaneously.
Yes, you can, as long as they support micro-USB charging.
If you’re using your 12/24V cigarette lighter outlets or your in-car USB outlets as a power source, they generally turn on/off with your vehicle so there’s no need to worry about battery draining. However, some vehicles will continue to supply power through these outlets even after they’ve been turned off. If you’ve noticed that the devices stay on even after the vehicle has been turned off, please remember to unplug the devices before you exit your vehicle to prevent the battery from getting drained.

In the Box

1 x Tiny Traveler™ 5'' HD Touch Screen LCD with Built-in Battery

2 x Tiny Traveler™ Car Camera

1 x Tiny Traveler™ Portable Power Bank

1 x Home & Travel Kit

1 x Monitor Windshield Mount

2 x USB Adapter (5V 2A)

1 x 33” / 84cm USB to Micro USB Cable

4 x 118” / 300cm Micro USB Power Cable

1 x USB-C Connector

1 x Micro-USB Connector Mounts For The Camera

2 x Spring Loaded Clamp

2 x Headrest Mount with Straps

1 x Micro SD Card


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Product Dimension

Camera: L 3.56" W 1.23" H 1.65"
Monitor: L 5.86" W 0.74" H 3.46"

Product Weight

Camera: 0.13 pounds
Monitor: 0.49 pounds

Technical Specifications

Frequency: 2.4 GHz
Camera Resolution: HD 720P
Camera Viewing Angle: FOV(H) 79º
Operating Temperature: 14ºF ~ 122ºF (-10ºC ~ 50ºC)
Operating Voltage: DC 5V (Micro USB)
Maximum Signal Range: 33 Feet / 10 Meters (without interference or obstruction)

Model Number

TT002PBB-1 (UPC: 840005324790)
TT002PBW-1 (UPC: 840005335123)
TT003PBB-1 (UPC: 840005324912)
TT003PBW-1 (UPC: 840005324929)
TT004PBB-1 (UPC: 840005324813)
TT004PBW-1 (UPC: 840005324820)